CE Marked Fully Stocked Orthopedic Implants Titanium Torx Locking Screws

CE Marked Fully stocked Orthopedic implant titanium Alloy Torx Locking screwSpecifications :T10200135010Torx Locking ScrewsΦ3.5*10T10200135012Torx Locking ScrewsΦ3.5*12T10200135014Torx Locking ScrewsΦ3.5*14T10200135016Torx Locking ScrewsΦ3.5*16T10200135018Torx Locking&

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CE Marked Fully stocked Orthopedic implant titanium Alloy Torx Locking screw
Specifications :
T10200135010Torx Locking ScrewsΦ3.5*10
T10200135012Torx Locking ScrewsΦ3.5*12
T10200135014Torx Locking ScrewsΦ3.5*14
T10200135016Torx Locking ScrewsΦ3.5*16
T10200135018Torx Locking ScrewsΦ3.5*18
T10200135020Torx Locking ScrewsΦ3.5*20
T10200135022Torx Locking ScrewsΦ3.5*22
T10200135024Torx Locking ScrewsΦ3.5*24
T10200135026Torx Locking ScrewsΦ3.5*26
T10200135028Torx Locking ScrewsΦ3.5*28
T10200135030Torx Locking ScrewsΦ3.5*30
T10200135032Torx Locking ScrewsΦ3.5*32
T10200135034Torx Locking ScrewsΦ3.5*34
T10200135036Torx Locking ScrewsΦ3.5*36
T10200135038Torx Locking ScrewsΦ3.5*38
T10200135040Torx Locking ScrewsΦ3.5*40
T10200135042Torx Locking ScrewsΦ3.5*42
T10200135044Torx Locking ScrewsΦ3.5*44
T10200135046Torx Locking ScrewsΦ3.5*46
T10200135048Torx Locking ScrewsΦ3.5*48
T10200135050Torx Locking ScrewsΦ3.5*50
T10200140012Torx Locking ScrewsΦ4.0*12
T10200140014Torx Locking ScrewsΦ4.0*14
T10200140016Torx Locking ScrewsΦ4.0*16
T10200140018Torx Locking ScrewsΦ4.0*18
T10200140020Torx Locking ScrewsΦ4.0*20
T10200140022Torx Locking ScrewsΦ4.0*22
T10200140024Torx Locking ScrewsΦ4.0*24
T10200140026Torx Locking ScrewsΦ4.0*26
T10200140028Torx Locking ScrewsΦ4.0*28
T10200140030Torx Locking ScrewsΦ4.0*30
T10200140032Torx Locking ScrewsΦ4.0*32
T10200140034Torx Locking ScrewsΦ4.0*34
T10200140036Torx Locking ScrewsΦ4.0*36
T10200140038Torx Locking ScrewsΦ4.0*38
T10200140040Torx Locking ScrewsΦ4.0*40
T10200140042Torx Locking ScrewsΦ4.0*42
T10200140044Torx Locking ScrewsΦ4.0*44
T10200140046Torx Locking ScrewsΦ4.0*46
T10200140048Torx Locking ScrewsΦ4.0*48
T10200140050Torx Locking ScrewsΦ4.0*50
T10200150014Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*14
T10200150016Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*16
T10200150018Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*18
T10200150020Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*20
T10200150022Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*22
T10200150024Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*24
T10200150026Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*26
T10200150028Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*28
T10200150030Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*30
T10200150032Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*32
T10200150034Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*34
T10200150036Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*36
T10200150038Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*38
T10200150040Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*40
T10200150042Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*42
T10200150044Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*44
T10200150046Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*46
T10200150048Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*48
T10200150050Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*50
T10200150052Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*52
T10200150054Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*54
T10200150056Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*56
T10200150058Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*58
T10200150060Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*60
T10200150065Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*65
T10200150070Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*70
T10200150075Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*75
T10200150080Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*80
T10200150085Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*85
T10200150090Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*90
T10200150095Torx Locking ScrewsΦ5.0*95
T10200160040Torx Locking ScrewsΦ6.0*40
T10200160045Torx Locking ScrewsΦ6.0*45
T10200160050Torx Locking ScrewsΦ6.0*50
T10200160055Torx Locking ScrewsΦ6.0*55
T10200160060Torx Locking ScrewsΦ6.0*60
T10200160065Torx Locking ScrewsΦ6.0*65
T10200160070Torx Locking ScrewsΦ6.0*70
T10200160075Torx Locking ScrewsΦ6.0*75
T10200160080Torx Locking ScrewsΦ6.0*80
T10200160085Torx Locking ScrewsΦ6.0*85
T10200160090Torx Locking ScrewsΦ6.0*90
T10200160095Torx Locking ScrewsΦ6.0*95
T10200160100Torx Locking ScrewsΦ6.0*100
T10200160105Torx Locking ScrewsΦ6.0*105

Product Serious :
Ce Marked Fully Stocked Orthopedic Implant Titanium Alloy Torx Locking ScrewCertificates :
Ce Marked Fully Stocked Orthopedic Implant Titanium Alloy Torx Locking Screw
Ce Marked Fully Stocked Orthopedic Implant Titanium Alloy Torx Locking Screw

Main Characteristics:

- Micro-arc anodic oxidation surface treatment technique
- Titanium alloy material used for improved mechanical and fatigue properties
- Anatomic bend for ease of nail insertion
- Enhanced locking options, provide secure proximal and distal locking, ensuring maximal stability, with minimal risk of screw breakage
- Professional instruments made by JMR ensure the process of minimally invasive surgery


- Fractures of the proximal and distal tibia(femur)
- Fractures of tibial(femoral) shaft
- Ipsilateral neck/shaft fractures
- Impending pathologic fractures
- Malunions, nonunions

We are the professional manufacturer who have certifications and producing Locking Compression Plants Series with extremly high quality. Our company sticks to the guilding ideology of"relying on science & technology; Cherishing everlasting good faith"and sincerely cooperates with both domestic and overseas customers by providing high-quality products and high-grade service to benefit the mainkind!

We sincerely hope establishing long and friendly business relations with clients from all over the world. Our goal is not just providing product, but also providing a complete solution including product design, tooling, fabrication and service for our customers to achieve their upmost satisfaction.
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Remarks:Each interval for a 5mm specification.
All these implant products are made of medical stainless steel (symbol: S ),medical pure titanium (symbol: A ),or medical titanium alloy ( symbol: T).

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