Ha Cortical Screw Orthopedic Screw

HA Cortex Screw orthopedic screw Product Code(SS)Product Code(Ti)Product NameSizeS20300135010T20300135010Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA3.5*10S20300135012T20300135012Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA3.5*12S20300135014T20300135014Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA3.5*

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HA Cortex Screw orthopedic screw 
Product Code(SS)Product Code(Ti)Product NameSize
S20300135010T20300135010Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA3.5*10
S20300135012T20300135012Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA3.5*12
S20300135014T20300135014Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA3.5*14
S20300135016T20300135016Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA3.5*16
S20300135018T20300135018Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA3.5*18
S20300135020T20300135020Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA3.5*20
S20300135022T20300135022Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA3.5*22
S20300135024T20300135024Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA3.5*24
S20300135026T20300135026Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA3.5*26
S20300135028T20300135028Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA3.5*28
S20300135030T20300135030Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA3.5*30
S20300135032T20300135032Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA3.5*32
S20300135034T20300135034Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA3.5*34
S20300135036T20300135036Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA3.5*36
S20300135038T20300135038Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA3.5*38
S20300135040T20300135040Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA3.5*40
S20300135042T20300135042Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA3.5*42
S20300135044T20300135044Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA3.5*44
S20300135046T20300135046Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA3.5*46
S20300135048T20300135048Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA3.5*48
S20300135050T20300135050Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA3.5*50
Product Code(SS)Product Code(Ti)Product NameSize
S20300140014T20300140014Cancellous Screw Half ThreadHex HA4*14
S20300140016T20300140016Cancellous Screw Half ThreadHex HA4*16
S20300140018T20300140018Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*18
S20300140020T20300140020Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*20
S20300140022T20300140022Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*22
S20300140024T20300140024Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*24
S20300140026T20300140026Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*26
S20300135028T20300135028Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*28
S20300135030T20300135030Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*30
S20300135032T20300135032Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*32
S20300135034T20300135034Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*34
S20300135036T20300135036Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*36
S20300135038T20300135038Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*38
S20300135040T20300135040Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*40
S20300135042T20300135042Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*42
S20300135044T20300135044Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*44
S20300135046T20300135046Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*46
S20300135048T20300135048Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*48
S20300135050T20300135050Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*50
S20300135052T20300135052Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*52
S20300135054T20300135054Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*54
S20300135056T20300135056Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*56
S20300135058T20300135058Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*58
S20300135060T20300135060Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*60
S20300135062T20300135062Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*62
S20300135064T20300135064Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*64
S20300135066T20300135066Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*66
S20300135068T20300135068Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*68
S20300135070T20300135070Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*70
20300135072T20300440038Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*72
20300135074T20300440040Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*74
20300135076T20300440042Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*76
20300135078T20300440044Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*78
20300135080T20300440046Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*80
20300135082T20300440048Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*82
20300135084T20300440050Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*84
20300135086T20300440052Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*86
20300135088T20300440054Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4*88
Product Code(SS)Product Code(Ti)Product NameSize(mm)
S20300145016T20300145016Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4.5*16
S20300145018T20300145018Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4.5*18
S20300145020T20300145020Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4.5*20
S20300145022T20300145022Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4.5*22
S20300145024T20300145024Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4.5*24
S20300145026T20300145026Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4.5*26
S20300145028T20300145028Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4.5*28
S20300145030T20300145030Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4.5*30
S20300145032T20300145032Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4.5*32
S20300145034T20300145034Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4.5*34
S20300145036T20300145036Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4.5*36
S20300145038T20300145038Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4.5*38
S20300145040T20300145040Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4.5*40
S20300145042T20300145042Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4.5*42
S20300145044T20300145044Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4.5*44
S20300145046T20300145046Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4.5*46
S20300145048T20300145048Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4.5*48
S20300145050T20300145050Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4.5*50
S20300145052T20300145052Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4.5*52
S20300145054T20300145054Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4.5*54
S20300145056T20300145056Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4.5*56
S20300145058T20300145058Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4.5*58
S20300145060T20300145060Cortical Screw Full ThreadHex HA4.5*60
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Ha Cortex Screw Orthopedic Screw

Ha Cortex Screw Orthopedic Screw

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Ha Cortex Screw Orthopedic Screw


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