Surgical tibial nails, medical intramedullary nails, instruments, orthopedics

Product DescriptionTibial Nail system CanETNExpert Tibial Nail(cannulated) SDJ03DescriptionCode numberTibia Nail(Cannulated)135716425Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716427Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716428Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716430Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716431Tibia Na

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Product Description
Tibial Nail system CanETN
Expert Tibial Nail(cannulated) SDJ03
DescriptionCode number
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716425
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716427
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716428
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716430
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716431
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716433
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716434
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716436
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716437
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716525
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716527
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716528
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716530
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716531
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716533
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716534
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716536
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716537
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716625
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716627
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716628
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716630
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716631
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716633
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716634
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716636
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716637
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716725
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716727
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716728
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716730
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716731
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716733
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716734
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716736
Tibia Nail(Cannulated)135716737

Introduction >>

CANWELL Medical, a medical device company founded in 1994, is now one of  the largest designers, manufacturers, and suppliers of orthopedic implants and instruments in China through 20 years' development. We have over 60,000 square meters of workshop. Our product lines include traumatology, spinal fixation system and surgical instrument, covering products such as femoral nail, titanium plates and screws, pedicle screw with rods, PEEK cage, balloon kyphoplasty for spine fracture and other instrument sets.
We have made a significant investment to upgrade modern production equipment, improve production processes and develop superior technical skills. We are willing to work with customers and distributors world wide to provide the best orthopedics productand improve life quality for people in need.
Quality Assurance System>>
CANWELL has established a complete Quality Assurance System to continuously fulfill the requirements according to ISO9001, 13485, QSR820, CE, ranging from material procurement to design development and automated production processes.
QMS consists of five subsystem>>
- Design Control
- Purchasing Control
- Management Control
- Production & Process Control
- Corrective & Preventive Action
We will continually improve the effectiveness of quality management system and will provide our customers with products and services which consistently meet and exceed their expectations.

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